Greenline Hybrid System


The hybrid system was launched in 2009 with Greenline 33 as the first production boat available with the Hybrid drive. With constant technological development we now have the 3rd generation of the Hybrid drive available.

Apart from the convenience of having 230v AC available at all times, the advantage of the hybrid drive is also the silent and emission-less navigation, which the boating community now calls “gentleman’s boating”. Why? Because only the Greenline Hybrid allows you to sail without disturbing your neighbors at the anchorage or in the marina. The Hybrid drive allows for up to 20 nautical miles at approximately 4/5 knots on a full charge which is more than enough for a typical leisure day on the water.

How It Works

The protected hybrid system connects the 4 modes of the operation with full integration and simplicity. A control system simplifies the interface to the user via a single (Diesel/Electric) switch.


  • Simple maintenance
  • Ease of use
  • Use of electric energy for propulsion: the running cost of boating is 10 times lower than burning diesel fuel
  • Eliminating smoke, noise and vibration
  • 230 (120) V AC power system at any time, either at the dock or at sea

Modes of Operation

The hybrid system offers four modes of operation that make switching between Diesel and Electric modes of navigation as easy as pressing a button.

Shore Power Sailing Mode 

At the dock, the boat is plugged into the 230 V (120 V) AC shore power supply.The battery pack is under charge and the inverter provides AC power to run home appliances like the fridge, TVs, etc. 

Diesel Drive Charging Mode 

In this mode, the diesel engine propels the boat and drives the generator, which recharges the battery pack. This mode is used to navigate in and out of a marina or anchorage with no noise, no smoke, and an insignificant wake.

Anchor Charging Mode 

At anchor charging mode – charging with solar panels: the solar roof array charges the batteries, which provides a 230 V AC power supply to the appliances via an inverter. If the level of battery charge drops below a set value, the diesel engine is switched on in order to drive the generator and charge the battery pack via generator(s). The propeller is disengaged (the gearbox is in neutral). 

Electric Drive Mode

In electric drive mode, the boat is powered by the electric motor/generator eM/G, which produces electricity. This mode is used to navigate in and out of a marina or anchorage with no noise, no smoke and, an insignificant wake. At 4 knots a fully charged battery pack provides a range of up to 20 miles.

Key Technologies

Solar Roof

Whether you choose the Hybrid or a standard diesel drive, the Greenline can collect the power from the sun, utilizing highly efficient solar panels on the hardtop which produce plenty of electricity to power all systems – including home appliances with 230 V OR 120 V AC power to make your living onboard as comfortable and convenient as possible.

The hardtop photo-Voltaic (PV) panels keep the batteries fully charged and provide additional energy for the boat’s electric drive system. In daylight conditions, the 6 PV panels deliver up to 1.8 kw of electric power.

As a result, they are capable of supplying constant power to on-board 240V or 110V consumers like the refrigerator, air conditioning, and entertainment systems – thus removing the need for a generator or shore power.


  • Green energy production
  • Cost and emission-free sailing
  • No maintenance

Hybrid Hull Design

The Hybrid hull incorporates some of the properties of a modern sailing boat hull that moves through the water with the least amount of drag and exceeds the theoretical speed of the hull that is defined by the length of the waterline.

Hybrid hull enables cruising at higher speeds while still maintaining optimal consumption and stability at lower cruising speeds. The power of the engines defines the cruising speed without having to compromise the safety, stability or consumption levels of your Greenline.

The reduced energy requirement means less running cost and less refueling stops. The hulls are efficient throughout their speed range, bringing unbeatable mileage and range of over 700 nautical miles at a speed of 7 knots. The electric drive mode will not only allow to cruising in complete silence at speeds of up to 6 knots but also offer a range of up to 20 nautical miles before the diesel motor is required.

The Superdisplacement hull also offers optimum performance in all sea conditions. The Greenline offers comfort and safety when underway and manages any kind of sea situation with ease, needing only minor corrections at the helm.

The twin sacrificial stabilizers have three functions: they deliver roll stability, tracking stability, and protect the drive and rudder.
The structure of the boat will not be affected if the stabilizers get damaged. The fins can be replaced quickly and inexpensively.


  • comfortable, safe ride
  • easy maneuvering
  • low running costs

Hybrid Drive System

Greenline Yachts collect, store and use electrical energy from the sun, from the shore connection or from the main engine driven generator. With a solar array and a Hybrid drive electric unit, the yacht is a mobile power station providing a constant supply of AC power (230 or 120 VAC) on board.

The hybrid drive system (protected) consists of the following elements:

  • A single switch that lets you choose between two drive modes: diesel or electric.
  • A modern, low emission diesel engine.
  • A fully electronically managed and maintenance-free electric motor/generator (eM/G). The generator charges the batteries and supplies power to onboard consumers. 
  • A hydraulic clutch between the diesel engine and the electric motor/generator.
  • A 3 kW inverter/charger delivers a 230 V AC power supply throughout the boat at all times and charges the battery in the shore power mode.
  • A 1.4 kW solar array delivers green electric power to the batteries during the daytime. At low speed, no cost and emission-free sailing is possible.
  • A 12 kWh Lithium battery pack is seven times lighter and one-third of lead battery size and rated at thousands of cycles. They have a life expectancy of 10 years and represent the best choice for a hybrid boat.


  • simple maintenance
  • ease of use
  • use of electric energy for propulsion: running costs of electric boating is 10 times less than burning diesel fuel, even disregarding solar energy
  • eliminating smoke and noise
  • 230 (120) VAC power system

Lithium Batteries

Lithium batteries have been powering many daily devices like smartphones, laptop computers, and other gadgets.

But, in recent years, technology developments have allowed Greenline Yachts to be one of the pioneer users of Lithium Polimer batteries for bigger consumers, such as electric propulsion for vessel navigating. 

Greenline Yachts utilize 11.5 kWh batteries on Greenline 33 and Greenline 39, 23 kWh batteries on Greenline 40, and 40 kWh batteries on Greeline 48 Fly: the best Lithium (Li-Pro) battery technology available. 

These powerful, light-weight and maintenance-free batteries are rated for thousands of charge cycles with 100% discharge. They outperform lead batteries types by a factor of five to six and have a life expectancy of over 10 years.


  • Low maintenance
  • Ease of use
  • More time spent out on the water, whether cruising or at anchor
  • Estimated 10 years life expectancy
  • Lightweight and compact

A weekend with a Greenline 39…

We calculated how much power we consume spending a typical summer day at anchor. The simple sheet below is applied to a Greenline 39 with standard battery pack as we wanted to make sure the level of comfort is at the highest possible level for you and your family while you spend time on the water without noise, vibrations or diesel exhaust.


The Greenline Hybrid system is available with all Greenline Hybrid Yacht models. Select a model below:


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